Sarah Need

Sarah Need

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Sarah is an experienced Exercise Physiologist and has enjoyed working across a variety of clinical and community settings. She is a James Cook University graduate with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology in 2012 and is accredited with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA).  Sarah has extensive experience working in vocational, musculoskeletal, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Sarah has been employed with North Queensland Therapy Services for five years, providing vocational rehabilitation in a range of industries from mines, refineries, food services to office-based work. Sarah is passionate about assisting people in maintaining or returning to the workforce and other meaningful activities in their life.

Outside of work, Sarah can be found training and performing circus arts around Townsville.

Areas of Interest

  • Participatory Ergonomics
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Health Surveillance
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Worksite Assessments
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Complex Case Management
  • Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Exercise Prescription for people with injuries / medical conditions
  • Quality Management Systems

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