Rehabilitation and RTW Coordinator Training

As a result of legislative changes to the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2013, Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators (RRTWC) are no longer required to be accredited to carry out their roles. It is now the responsibility of the employer to ascertain that an individual employee is ‘appropriately qualified’ to carry out a RRTWC role in the context of the environment they are working in.

The purpose of this training is to provide new RRTWC’s (and those seeking a refresher) with the basic skills, knowledge and resources to undertake the role of a RRTWC with confidence in their workplace.

Successful completion of the assessment activities will provide the beginning RRTWC with the essential knowledge to undertake the role. However, with all new learning, you will develop your skills with experience over time in the role. Ongoing mentoring and training is provided on a regional basis, and all RRTWCs are encouraged to remain active in their regional networks.

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