Ergonomic Audits and Advice

PErforM - Participatory Ergonomic Workshops - NQTS provides PErforM which is a program researched and developed by the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.  PErforM incorporates the process of consultation between workers, supervisors, managers and safety personnel to identifying and rating risk factors specific to their workplace, and identifying control mechanisms to reduce musculoskeletal strains and sprains.

PErforM was initially developed by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ), for general industry, as a part of a manual tasks research project. The PErforM program has since been modified for use in the surface and underground coal mining industries as well as the civil construction industry. North Queensland Therapy Services offers tailed PErforM Participatory Programs to companies looking for a wholistic approach to obtaining input from all areas of the workforce when managing manual tasks risks.

Through this program participants will be educated to:

  • Identify risk factors 
  • Systematically assess hazardous manual tasks,
  • Develop and implement controls,
  • Train workers and contractors in the risk assessment process.
  • Play an essential role in reducing the risk of injury in workplaces.


Other Ergonomic Audits and Advice – NQTS are able to assist companies to determine manual handling risks associated with current workplace activities.  Ergonomic standards such as White Papers and evidence-based standards are considered to determine the risk of the job to causing injuries.  Control options are discussed in our reports, though trials and consultation is recommended prior to implementing any changes.

Anna Nicholls is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society of Australasia.  She is able to conduct ergonomic and risk assessments of the workplaces, considering the design, equipment used and patterns of activities which contributes to increasing musculoskeletal injuries.  Objective data assists managers to make effective decisions, and ultimately reduce the significant costs of injuries.


Workplace Observations – Manual Handling Observations - Employers that are looking for a proactive approach to manual handling training, workplace observations is an onsite-feedback approach. This involves an Occupational Therapist attending worksites with a supervisor to observe workers perform normal workplace duties, then approaching them in relation to their manual handling techniques. Workers are congratulated on good postures/ work practices and improvements that can be made will be discussed or provided in report format.

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